Nov 30, 2010

Duo Combo Award! Thanx =)


U C H I had given me 1Award

In return, I offer U C H I:

K i L a had given me 1Award

In return, I offer k i L a:

Thanx for the awards! =D 

This is the very first time ever in Blogging World, I got awards. Besides, I always get acknowledgment and LOVE by my beloved readers and fellow bloggers whose always SUPPORT me and spend time together in bWalkin' , sharing and all the things around here that makes me so happy... 

Anyway I'm not planning to give 'speech' here... kua2! ;| , Just wanna share my feeling and represent my "Thanx! & smile =)" to U C H I and K i La altogether "You" who read this entry ...

Well, tonite, got other things to do, catch up with me later k... please be free to visit and share something here =) 

T H A N K S    F O R    Y O U R    S U P P O R T 


Shannice said...

congratulations.. :)

Adhwa said...

tengs shannice... =)

Nabilah said...

congratzz dud ! ^^

aida yanti said...

wah..dpt yer..keep blogging :)

Adhwa said...

tengs all, Im creepy happy ngeee... =)

anyway, let us pray to Allah, so that our good deed and good work... all good2.. things accepted by Him. Takbir! Allahu Akbar!


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