Mar 7, 2011

Malaysia NeoTv!


Nowadays, we found the media in Malaysia is totally conquered by the government which in bracket 'UMNO and Barisan Nasional'. O... ya Allah, guide us to defeat them because we had gave them many chances to change but they refused and keep in their track. Don't be eager if the same thing happen to West Est Asia where the people stand up and claim their right and also JUSTICE. Some of them (the Muluk aka Leaders) were given with so many prizes, they change the forest into a city, they bought and bought until they stop buying instead of the people suffer cannot eat and lose their faith. They also keep their slander toward the people whose were not step in their shoes, follow their path, the path to Narr (hell).

So, we as the Muslim youth and the people who fight in Your way O Allah, please lead us to You and don't let us go astray. We belong to You ya Allah... Right here, in very naive writing, I would like to share my idea to fight the EVIL and their follower by Construct TV Station to spread the truth which mean the words without any single lying. InsyaAllah! InsyaAllah! InsyaAllah!

Right here, I linked websites which list down the budget for Television Station Cost Construction  and equipment and supplies .

Jazakumullahu khair =)


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