Aug 17, 2011

Memories Never Fade


In this post I just portrayed my wonderful memories beneath my heart. I just can't help myself to be cool when I look through this, deep inside I feel... I want be there again. Hopefully next time with my family. I want to bring along my beloved mum and dad whom had support me since the day I was born. I was born handicap, Duodenal Atresia . My dad take totally high risk by ask the doctor to do an operation, I don't know whether it is hurt or not because I was 3 days old. So when I grew up, I had find out that operation is the best way to cure or to help me become a normal person. I owe lots of thing to my mum and dad.

My mum of course, because she kepy me in her womb with love for about 9 month and take good care of me, teach me, support me and all the thing. My mum and dad are also my best friend ever plus my angels whom being sent by Allah to me, take care of me. In return, I'm going to bring them to Harramain for pilgrimage together with my brother. Me and my brother share the same love from our parent. One more thing that really touch me, my mum and dad are 'anak soleh solehah' as they take good care of their parent, my past grand daddy and grannny. my granny had tittle my mum herself before she passed away, she said "Your mum is a good daughter..."

Those memories linger in mind and I thankful to Allah for grant me with this bless memories... He who bring me to His home in Harramain and He is The Only One who is going to bring us there next time...

P/s : I'm just dragging other topic without explain the pictures. I think, the pictures already describe 1000 words =)

Aug 15, 2011

Koran by Heart


110 kids from the Islamic world are chosen and arrive in Cairo for the world's oldest Koran reciting contest. KORAN BY HEART follows two boys from Senegal and Tajikistan, and a little girl from Maldives - who go head-to-head with kids nearly twice their age in the pronunciation, recitation and perfected memorization of the Qur'an. Even as their own future hangs in the balance, they are caught between fundamentalist and moderate visions of Islam.

Aug 10, 2011

OpenCV for Android


I manage to complete first tutorial from stanford university. However, for next tutorial, I just cannot finish it as I think I got problem in configure the path for Cygwin as stated in tutorial. I guess, I might install Linux as the better platform to run the tutorial.

As we all know, Android OS also share the same core with Linux OS perhaps might be not give me more errors and bugs compare to totally different platform (Windows). You know what, If I use Windows, the tutorial estimated 3 hours to complete but I still fail to complete it until now.

I really hope that when I'm using Linux OS, I be able to solve the problem

Aug 8, 2011

Nusajayakini 3D Spin!


Just another spinning 3D logo button, Nusajaya Kini. This is my trial for publishing the button Nusajaya Kini Channel. So be it...  If you have comment, please be free to do so.

The original file is in swf file. So, the widget can be custom its background in html codes to view it transparent mode. No matter what your blog background color, the widget would not spoil your blog, Insya-Allah.

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Announcement : To those who still in UTM, Ustaz Ismail and Ustaz Mahyudin call upon us to help serving the breakfast 6 pm, and join the breakfast together

Aug 5, 2011

Ramadhan Sustenance!


Place setting : UTM Dorm/ College ( Ramadhan Breakfast in college style )

Alhamdulillah! Today Allah had surprised me by grant me meals. You know what, I don't have much money remained but I believe in Allah that He will always take care of me, no matter what, when. O Allah thank you. If I check my wallet, I only have about RM20 to keep living for a few more days in UTM. Besides, I still can go to UTM Mosque to join the breakfast provided there.

( Click picture to zoom in )

How Allah? Yes! via my roommate ( Hafiz - Master by research student - FGHT UTM ), he brought the rambutans, fried noodle, tamar, keropok and durian jam (lepok) from my hometown, Kelantan ( Serambi Makkah ). I don't estimate that he would bring all of them in Fasting month. Usually, he always do so.No matter what, as we all know, Allah give what He want to give, Allah The Most Gracious and Most Merciful. He look after all of us including the plants, the the wilds, the natures. He need no partner to handle all of them. And the 'all' bow upon Him. That is it.

So in this blessed month let us think and pray a lot to Him, Insya-Allah he will always in our side. Allahu Rabbi, Allah who take cares of me every single moment and everything I do I dedicate to You. Cause You made us, we are fo You, I look, I look, I see...

Thank You Allah, Thanks Hafiz... =)

Aug 4, 2011

UTM Bloggers Spin!


Just another spinning 3D logo button, UTM Bloggers. Just a trial to be listed in the UTM Bloggers blog list, hahaa. Nope, I make sincerely fore the sake of my love to UTM  and UTM Bloggers. So be it...  

The original file is in swf file. So, the widget can be custom its background in html codes to view it transparent mode. No matter what your blog background color, the widget would not spoil your blog, Insya-Allah.

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Announcement : To those who still in UTM, Ustaz Ismail and Ustaz Mahyudin call upon us to help serving the breakfast 6 pm, and join the breakfast together

Democracy in Islam


Democracy is a commonly known word all over the world. Most of the political movements in the world have made it their goal to establish this system in their respective countries. Democracy is the most popular and accepted political system in the modern world. Yet, there exists some difference of opinion among the Islamic groups on democracy. Democracy and human rights have occupied very important position in the political agenda of many of the Islamic parties. However, some of the parties and people do not accept it, since democracy speaks of sovereignty of the people.

In this context, we need careful and deep analysis on this issue. We need to understand the issue avoiding the minor technicalities. As we see, Islamic parties and Islamic scholars of the modern world think of a political system wherein government will run the country through Parliament. They also want freedom of expression, voting right of the people, rule of law, independent & free judiciary, free press, fundamental human rights etc. These are also the pre-requisites of the democratic system. It is therefore, apparent on a deeper analysis that the concept of state and govt. of Islamic Parties are in conformity with the principles of democracy.

 Theoretically speaking, Islam speaks of sovereignty of Allah, while western democracy advocates that sovereignty belongs to people. However, all political thinkers do not share the same view of sovereignty. Some political scientists even argue that there is no need of concept sovereignty at all. Even the concept of sovereignty is not highlighted in the books which discuss democracy though sovereignty is discussed in great detail as a political concept in the books of political science. In this context, we feel it necessary to quote from the writings of Allama Yousuf Al Qardawi, an eminent Islamic scholar of the present time. He wrote:

 “ The fear of some people here that democracy makes the people a source of power and even legislation (although legislation is Allah’s alone) should not be heeded here, because we are supposed to be speaking of a people that in its majority and has accepted Allah as its Lord, Mohammad as its Prophet and Islam as its Religion. Such a people would not be expected to pass a legislation that contradicts Islam and its incontestable principles and conclusive rules.”

 “Anyway, these fears can be overcome by one article stipulating that any legislation contradicting the incontestable provisions of Islam shall be null and void because Islam is the religion of the State and the source of legitimacy of all its institutions and therefore may no be contradicted, as a branch may not run against the main stream.”

 “It should be known that the acceptance of the principle that legislation or rule belong to Allah does not rob the Nation of its right to seek for itself the codes necessary to regulate its ever-changing life and earthly affairs.”

 “What we seek is that legislations and codes be within the limits of the flawless texts and the over all objectives of Sharia and the Islamic Message. The binding texts are very few, while the area of “permissibility” or legislative free space is quite wide and the texts themselves are so flexible and capacious as to accommodate more than one understanding and accept more than one interpretation, which leads to the existence of several schools and philosophies within the expansive framework of Islam.” (Quoted from ‘Priorities of the Islamic Movement in the Coming Phase’, Chapter : The movement and political Freedom and Democracy)

We find many Islamic scholars accepted the idea of democracy in Islam though under certain conditions. Dr. Abu Said Nuruddin has written in his book ‘Mohakobi Iqbal’, ( Iqbal the Great Poet) that Allama Iqbal, was not happy with the democratic system because of its secularist stance but he suggested in his writings that there was no alternative to democracy. In his 6th speech on ‘Reconstruction of religious thought in Islam’, Allama Iqbal stated that Islamic state is established on the principles of freedom, equality, and the absolute principles of stability. Therefore the principles of democratic rule is not only similar with the fundamental aspects of Islam rather the executing powers are enhanced in the Muslim world (Mohakabi Iqbal, Iqbal the Great Poet by Dr. Abu Said Nuruddin)

Iqbal observed, should the foundation of democracy rests upon spiritual and moral values, it would be the best political system. He wrote in the "The New Era" on its 28th July, 1917 issue: that democracy was born in Europe from  economic renaissance that took place in most of its societies…….But Islamic democracy is not developed from the idea of economic advancement rather it is a spiritual principle that comes from the principle that everybody is a source of power whose possibilities can be developed through virtue and character”. [Mohakabi Iqbal ( Iqbal the Great Poet) by Dr. Abu Said Nuruddin, page -239)
That means according to Iqbal Islam prescribes democracy under the law of Allah.

 We see Moulana Maududi, fifty years ago from now, in his book “Political theory of Islam” used the term “Theo-democracy” for Islamic state. He didn’t deny the term ‘democracy’. Rather he accepted democracy while this system will work under the sovereignty of Allah. We also see that in the first Islamic constitution of the present world, the term democracy was accepted with the consent of Islamic scholars (ulema). In the preamble, the term democracy was accepted in the following manner :

 “ Wherein the principles of democracy freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice, as enunciated by Islam, should be fully observed”. (from the preamble  of the constitution of 1956)

 In the 1973 constitution the same position was maintained.
“Wherein the principles of democracy freedom, equality, tolerance and social justice, as enunciated by Islam, shall be fully observed”. (from the preamble of the constitution of 1973)

 This means that democracy has been accepted within the limits of Islam so that in the name of democracy Islamic principles cannot be violated. Islamic Scholars and Islamic Politicians have come to accept the word democracy and what it means within these limits.

 Allama Yousuf Al Qardawi in his book “ Priorities of the Islamic Movement In the Coming Phase” has titled one of its chapters as “ The Movement and Political Freedom and Democracy”. In this book he has shown that Islam does not allow any kind of autocracy or monarchy. He also showed that Islam spreads through political freedom. He stated that Islam unlike democracy is a complete code of life, which encompasses many more vital issues of human needs. Above all, he thinks democracy is consistent with Islam and the fundamental rights of mankind prescribed in Islam can be ensured through democracy. He has advocated in favor of democratic system and political freedom. But he suggested to introduce a clause in the constitution to the effect that no law will be passed contrary to the injunctions of the Quran and Sunnah. This clause will act as guarantee against the fear of some people that anti Islamic law may be passed under the cover of democracy. Dr. Qardawi writes:

 “ It is the duty of the ( Islamic) Movement in the coming phase to stand firm against totalitarian and dictatorial rule, political despotism and usurpation of people’s rights. The movement should always stand by political freedom, as represented by true , not false, democracy. It should flatly declare its refusal of tyrants and steer clear of all dictators, even if some tyrant appears to have good intentions towards it for some gain and for a time that is usually short, as has been shown by experience.

 The Prophet (SAWS)  said , “ When you see my Nation fall victim to fear and does not say to   wrong-doer , “ You are wrong”, then you may lose hope in them. “ So how about a regime that forces people to say to a conceited wrongdoer, “ How just, how great you are. O our hero, our savior and our liberator!”
 The Quran denounces tyrants such as Nimrudh, Pharoah, Haman and others, but it also dispraises those who follow tyrants and obey their orders. This is why Allah dispraises the people of Noah by saying, “ But they follow (men) whose wealth and children give them no increase but only loss.” [Surat Nuh : 21]

 Allah also says of Ad, people of Hud, “ And followed the command of every powerful, obstinate transgressor”.[ Sura HUD : 59]

 See also what the Quran says about the people of Pharoah, “ But they followed the command of Pharaoh, and the command of Pharoah was not rightly guided.[ Surat Hud : 97] “ Thus he made fools of his people, and they obeyed him : truly they were a people rebellious (against Allah) .” [ Sura Az- Zukhruf : 54]

A closer look at the history of the Muslim Nation and the Islamic Movement in modern times should show clearly that the Islamic idea, the Islamic Movement and the Islamic Awakening have never flourished or borne fruit unless in an atmosphere of democracy and freedom, and have withered and become barren only at the times of oppression and tyranny that trod over the will of the people by force which clung to Islam. Such oppressive regimes imposed their Secularism, Socialism, or Communism on their people by force and coercion, using covert torture and public executions, and employing those devilish tools that tore flesh, shed blood, crushed bone and destroyed the soul.

On the other hand, we saw the Islamic Movement and the Islamic Awakening bear fruit and flourish at the times of freedom and democracy, and in the wake of the collapse of imperial regimes that ruled peoples with fear and oppression.Therefore, I would not imagine that the Islamic Movement could support anything other than political freedom and democracy.”

 “ However, the tools and guarantees created by democracy are as close as can ever be to the realization of the political principles brought to this earth by Islam to put a leash on the ambitions and whims of rulers. These principles are: shura (consultation), good advice enjoining what is proper and forbidding what is evil, disobeying illegal orders, resisting unbelief and changing wrong by force whenever possible. It is only in democracy and political freedom that the power of Parliament is evident and that people’s deputies can withdraw confidence from any government that breaches the Constitution, and it is only in such an environment that the strength of free press, free Parliament, opposition and the masses is most felt.” 
 (Quoted from ‘Priorities of the Islamic Movement in the Coming Phase’, Chapter : The movement and political Freedom and Democracy)

 It is evident  from the above discussion that Islamic thinkers and Muslim people want their right to vote, rule of law, and a government that is to be elected by the people. The term democracy mean all these things. Taking everything into consideration, we can say that there is no problem to accept the term democracy under certain conditions. We see different constitutions and Islamic scholars conditionally accepted the term ‘democracy’. Muslim community can accept this term. This will help to remove misunderstandings about Islam that it is for violence and dictatorships. 

by Shah Abdul Hannan

Source : Link

Aug 3, 2011

An Open Letter to Najib


Dear PM Najib,

As a result of the developments on July 9, the world is now paying increased attention to Malaysia.

In particular, we now wonder how free and fair your nation's elections are. We have learned that some of your country's citizens believe that Malaysia needs electoral reform. On July 9, they marched with a coalition called Bersih 2.0, and they called for free and fair elections.

You responded by declaring Bersih illegal and suppressing the 'Walk for Democracy' with overwhelming police force. The world noticed your heavy-handed reaction, and it wondered why a peaceful demonstration calling for fair elections bothered you so much - so much so that you were willing to risk Malaysia's international reputation - and give your country and yourself a major black eye.

When you returned from your visit to Europe, you declared that Malaysia's elections truly are free and fair, and that Umno has never cheated in any election.

I am glad to hear that.

Because it means that in Malaysia's next general elections, you have nothing to hide.

Governments that manipulate elections have lots to cover up. But you say that your elections are free and fair, so that means you have nothing to be afraid of showing to all of us in the outside world, not to mention your own people.

Therefore, I am sure that you are willing to readily agree to the following proposals:

1) Allow international groups to observe your elections. Based on your assertions, they will find nothing amiss, and their reports will give credibility to Malaysia's election results.

2) Allow observers from all political parties to witness the postal balloting that takes place on military bases. For years, the opposition has said that something is amiss. But since you say that Umno never cheats, I am sure that they will find nothing wrong, and you will be vindicated.

3) Let's put an end to all the accusations about phantom voters by using a simple, effective and cheap solution - indelible ink.

Your Elections Commission wants a super-sophisticated biometric system, but there is no way it can be in place by then - and many people worry that it can be manipulated. Indelible ink works - just ask the world's largest democracy, India. I don't think anyone has ever disputed the results of India's elections in over 60 years.

4) Finally, let RTM be truly independent, like the BBC and NHK and the public broadcasting systems in Australia, France, Germany, and elsewhere in the world. RTM does not belong to Umno. It belongs to the people.
As long as RTM - funded by all the people of Malaysia - acts as the propaganda arm of the 25 percent of Malaysians who voted for Umno, no one can believe that Malaysia's elections are fair and free.

So, my dear Prime Minister, it's all very simple. You say that Malaysia's elections are free and fair. Now you have a chance to prove it to the outside world and remove all doubts. And if your party wins, then the Malaysian people - and the world - might finally be convinced.

If you refuse these suggestions, then the doubts will linger, and your assertions about the honesty of Malaysia's election will continue to be questioned.

John Malott
The writer is former US ambassador to Malaysia.

Jul 31, 11 9:10am

Source : MalaysiaKini

Aug 2, 2011

Broadcast Vehicle

In my previous post on Malaysia NeoTv! had discuss about the reality in Malaysia for having clean and genuine news. So, in this post I would like to suggest as the alternative of premise Tv station, the Broadcast Vehicle which is a compact tv station in a vehicle.

The main point is, we can transmit our own channel for an example Tv PAS. Even though there is already Tv PAS online but how about the people in rural area. They might have Tv at their home but no internet. By having this vehicle we can spread real story and facts to them.We can make it permitted of prohibited depend on the non-ethic and corrupted government of Malaysia. We strive for the truth, no reason for making this broadcast vehicle prohibited.
Tv Pro Gear is one of the manufacturer which provide the services and packages of broadcast vehicle. They will design, engineer, supply the equipment, wire, integrate, test, and train you on your new broadcast vehicle. They are are capable of taking on any broadcast format.  If you need a vehicle that can Broadcast via Satellite, Microwave, or over the Internet, let TV Pro Gear’s experts build it for you.  The only limit to what they can create is your imagination.

Another manufacturer is Frontline Communication which conduct the same business but different in applying services and design of broadcast vehicle.

Does not enough if we still can't explain without this medium. They attack the people in all sort of place and medium. Media Prima of cause, it is not enough if only we boo them, but they got 'gun' to 'shot' us. O Allah I seek your help, guide us to freedom and victory. I know You heard us... 

O Allah if before this I pray for you, 'Layyin' / soften their heart... but now since they not. I pray for you lead us the right way to remove them away from our sight. Bring us peace and dignity... Thank You Allah...

Supplement in Fasting


Still in UTM, breaking fast in Jamaah at Masjid Sultan Ismail... Pray Tarawikh at the mosque too. Well, break fast, we share the meal in about 4 persons... yes 4 ... I remember of cause. So, still not enough to support my 'tank'... because during sahur, I just eat a piece of bread, kurma and instant noodle... huhu. dunno what its like... A few hours later I feel like I want to blow it all. just feel like...ok.

So tonight, I decided to buy porridge, rice or anything that can support my body the day on. Yes, we are fasting but at the same time we must take care our health because Islam ask us to fast, not to harm or ruin ourself but to remove toxic, to gain inner strong, and as the commandment as well as the previous prophets do. That is the beauty of Islam.

One more thing, supplement. We must make sure that we take enough quantity of drink, better be plain water. Plain water contain minerals and elements that make our body in equivalent stat and fresh. Water also being recorded as the best medicine by Prophet p.b.u.h according to his saying.


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