Aug 2, 2011

Broadcast Vehicle

In my previous post on Malaysia NeoTv! had discuss about the reality in Malaysia for having clean and genuine news. So, in this post I would like to suggest as the alternative of premise Tv station, the Broadcast Vehicle which is a compact tv station in a vehicle.

The main point is, we can transmit our own channel for an example Tv PAS. Even though there is already Tv PAS online but how about the people in rural area. They might have Tv at their home but no internet. By having this vehicle we can spread real story and facts to them.We can make it permitted of prohibited depend on the non-ethic and corrupted government of Malaysia. We strive for the truth, no reason for making this broadcast vehicle prohibited.
Tv Pro Gear is one of the manufacturer which provide the services and packages of broadcast vehicle. They will design, engineer, supply the equipment, wire, integrate, test, and train you on your new broadcast vehicle. They are are capable of taking on any broadcast format.  If you need a vehicle that can Broadcast via Satellite, Microwave, or over the Internet, let TV Pro Gear’s experts build it for you.  The only limit to what they can create is your imagination.

Another manufacturer is Frontline Communication which conduct the same business but different in applying services and design of broadcast vehicle.

Does not enough if we still can't explain without this medium. They attack the people in all sort of place and medium. Media Prima of cause, it is not enough if only we boo them, but they got 'gun' to 'shot' us. O Allah I seek your help, guide us to freedom and victory. I know You heard us... 

O Allah if before this I pray for you, 'Layyin' / soften their heart... but now since they not. I pray for you lead us the right way to remove them away from our sight. Bring us peace and dignity... Thank You Allah...



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