Nov 28, 2011

PAS 60th Years Anniversary


27 Nov 2011, Ayer Hitam, Johor : PAS 60th Anniversary was organized by PAS Johor. The program was set up earlier on 25th of November for exhibition, auto show, music band (ABC) and marketing. The program was attended about 3000 people especially on the 27 November which the program was dominated by Malaysian great figures Tuan Guru Dato' Seri Hj. Hadi Awang (PAS President), Mat Sabu (PAS Deputy President), Dr. Boo Cheng Hau (DAP Johor Chief) and Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim (Opposition Chief).

Most of the talk is about the Malaysian history, origin of PAS in Johor and the need of the people to answer the 'Winds of Change' for next election (PRU 13).

Some Points:

- TG Hj. Hadi mentioned about the tahalluf among the Pakatan Rakyat component is about the victory of great collaboration from both sides. The arising and the falling of the PAS government in few countries not because of corruption within but the cheating of the outsider (UMNO and their proxies).

- Mat Sabu in his talk also stated that the next version of Bersih will be held on January

- DSAI mentioned about the Hijrah or the Moving applied by Bedouin Arab in the time of  Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h means to revoke the racist between the Arab in Bakkah (Mecca) and Yathrib (Medina). DSAI also guaranteed to all races in Malaysia (witnessed by the audiences) will granted their will and right and also provided more facilities if we fight against the corruption of UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

Books Shelves (Available at the program booth with 15% discount):

1. Menjawab Buku Menuju PAS Baru - Menerjang Badai: 60 Tahun Mempersada Perjuangan by Riduan Mohamad Nor

2. Teori Domino: PRU 13 BN Tumbang (Domino Theorem: Next election PRU 13 BN Collapse) by Wan Abd. Rahman and Wan Abd. Latif

3. Ulama' Dalam Sorotan Perjuangan Kemerdekaan (Muslim Scholars Rule In The Struggle For Independent and Freedom) by Riduan Mohamad Nor and Mohd Fadli Ghani


Skuad Prihatin:

Sambutan 60 Tahun PAS peringkat Negeri Johor:

By Adhwa Yahaya

Nov 11, 2011



11.11.11 Post Challange: You can't bend and stop what is coming up!

Probability incidents and mysteries that will occur:

1. Malaysia Parliament Disband
2. Earthquake
3. Moon and Star Prostrate and Fall Down
4. Queer, Bizarre and Weird Creature Wake Up From The Great Sleep in Underworld
5. The Arrival of False Messiah, Addajal El-Masih
6. Armageddon War 
7. Blue Moon (Last Night Full Yellowish Moon View From Malaysia)
8. Wedding Ceremonies (Sure)
9. Immortal (Film)
10. The End of Human Rule, The Arrival of The Time of Orcs
11. The One Ring Wield

I can't spare more words to explain because it is uncertain incidents and events =(

Pray: "O my dear God, Allah, please guide us to right path. Please don't let us go astray. Bestow upon us the light when we are in great dark. Keep us away from the False Messiah. Nay god except You O Allah, I prostrate upon You for all favors you bestow upon us..."

P/s: It's all about prediction, guest and scheduled events ... Pray more rather than just utter the nonsense words

Nov 10, 2011

Answering Seksualiti Merdeka


Many people in Malaysia from high authority to lowest level of community, attacking the Seksualiti Merdeka for organizing the festival in fighting their right which lead by Dato' Ambiga and under supervised of Marina Mahathir (SIS). LGBT or the group of people that involved in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. They are among the participants of the festival. Just to make it clear, their fight also being oppose by all the divine faiths and religions teaching, including Islam, Christian and Buddha. Actually, what are they fighting for? Please make sure we double check. Is it about Sexual Freedom or Sexual Festival? Not at all, they just fight for the minority people with small voice who always being the prey of the giant State. We agree oppose on homosexual, bisexual and transgender as the lifestyle bring harm and forbidden by all divine faiths and religions.

This 'disease' I call, is not just pop out today but being told or prescribe in Holy Scriptures centuries ago where there lies the place name Sodom which practicing homosexual activities and lifestyle which also claimed as the people under the preaching of Prophet Lot p.b.u.h. The detail of the history can be google via wide source in internet. The gist that I want to mention here is the way of the prophet p.b.u.h preach and keep voice out the right thing to do instead of what they practiced. However the people tend to ignore the prophet until the peak of the chronology where the people of Sodom being punished just fit for their wrong doer. The moral of the story, we need to plan the strategy to face them, at least we gave them chance to talk while we just say "NO! You're WRONG! GOD FORBID!". Definitely, they know about the rules and regulation and also sin, trust me.

Actually, most of them feel like they were fated to be like this and that which is the main reason that turn them in the totally satanic practice ( If they know, some of them know may be ). The people that practice homosexual also being prescribe in the Holy Scriptures, about their existence in the last century. So, let it be firm, clear, conviction and fair to all, cherish for great hope. Please, please, please I beg, don't just blame other people whether they are innocent or not. Remember the teaching of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in preaching and advising people. His love to us never end even to his last breath "Ummati, Ummati, Ummati..." ( O my people/followers x3... ) . Do you think he ( Muhammad s.a.w ) agree on our action like the picture below. Ponder upon this... is it worth we hate them? shall we? who are we? are we too good enough? are we extreme? are we the real duat (preacher)? who are they? is this what is Allah and His messenger claim?

THINK BEFORE YOU ACT, because if you act before you think, you got high risk to fail yourself and people around you.

P/s: I'm not fighting for LGBT right but to critic and revise the way we treat them. Sometimes, we prefer the last choice to make high order decision in order to assure that the case will be succeed and never pop out again, BUT the best one according to my understanding and my perception is by solving the problem step by step ( which one come first ) as it is ready stated in the Book of Fiqh. Wallahu 'alam.

Nov 6, 2011

Eid Adha UTM


Mubarak Eid Adha! Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha Illallah... Celebrating Eid Adha in UTM is definitely amazing as we perform solat ( in Masjid Sultan Ismail ) in the morning with fellow brothers and sisters from many other countries like Turkey, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Russia, Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and more. Different languages, colors, and cultures. Imam, bilal and other friends conducting the 'Takbir Raya'. The makmum worshiping "Allah The Great!" altogether in rhythm and high will.

After performing pray and listening to sermon, we met each other hugging, shake hand, greeting and sharing the lovely moment together. The gathering was focus to a corner in the mosque, there is our beloved and highly respect father, UTM Vice Chancellor Prof. Ir. Dr. Zaini Bin Ujang. 

After all, we met again our Dato' VC ( Vice Chansellor ) in UTM Orchard about 9.30, get ready to slaughter the livestock ( 6 Cows and Sheeps ). Dato' VC, Ustaz Azhar Muhammad, Ustaz Ismail Mustari and Ustazah Naemah Hamzah were among the participants. The event was conducting by Ustaz Mahyuddin and cooperated with other PIUTM Officers including the Imam, Bilal and the volunteers. Besides, the volunteers were provided with a t-shirt that designed special for Eidil Adha 2011. 

Alhamdulillah, everything went well. We divided the products according to the fixed rate. May Allah bless all of us, purify us and enhance our faith.


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