Oct 30, 2011

Points Extracted

Points Extracted From Ijtima' Tarbawi: 29th October 2011

According to Dr. Kamal El Herbawi, The Delegation From Ikhwanul Muslimin,PAS is the Jamaah that contribute a great fight because the involvement in Malaysia political arena. He also give credit to other Jamaah that fight along side with PAS in Malaysia like, JIM(IKRAM), ISMA, HALUAN and others. The harmony relationship and tolerance among the Jamaah help fertilize the growing and the rise of Islamic rule in Malaysia.

Another aspect that had ben mentioned by Dr. Kamal El Herbawi, We must show the good ethic which known as akhlaq as being reported from Prophet PBUH, "Innama Bu'istu Liutammima Makarimal Akhlaq" , which means, "for I sent to complete the moral(Islamic-Akhlaq)". Without Akhlaq, there would be no Islam. Islam altogether stand straight as the real Tawheed (the concept of monotheism in Islam) applied.

According to El Fadhil El Ustaz Mahfuz Omar as the former PAS Youth President, the new generation should be thankful, because 'born' or join PAS where PAS is already in steady state. Compare to the PAS in past 60 years, the great struggle and fight by the previous generation is very meaningful which contribute to nowadays PAS. Today PAS image also look 'young' as the top management, Tuan Guru (Ulama')and other leaders of PAS allowed the make up apply to PAS time by time just fine with the current stream(according to Syaria-Islamic law).

That's are the few thing that I captured and recorded as the points for us to view and understand deeply. So, as the Hujjatul Islam (The Muslim Scholar/Speaker), we must keep ourselves prepared to fight all the misunderstand, defamation, fraud, lies and conspiracy. Moreover, the Muslim Youth. 

Adhwa Yahaya

Oct 26, 2011

Gua Ikut Enta


Promote: Ijtima' Tarbawi will be held at KUIZM Taman Melewar, 28, 29 & 30th of October 2011. 

What is Ijtima' Tarbawi is all about? Should I attend the event? why must I attend the event? How long it takes from my place to reach the event(destination: Taman Melewar)? How much should I spend for the trip and my tummy? Too many questions...

The PAS Youth had come out with brand new style of explanation in order to promote and encourage the youth to join the event: 
Here is the By Part Movie, 'Gua Ikut Enta (I[Brutal One] Follow You[Pious One])' , proudly present...
Teaser 'Gua Ikut Enta The Movie'
'Gua Ikut Enta' - Part 1 
'Gua Ikut Enta' - Part 2 
'Gua Ikut Enta' - Part 3

Adhwa Yahaya

Source: Ijtima' Tarbawi Pemuda PAS Peringkat Kebangsaan 2011
             Youtube TVPAS

Oct 21, 2011

Himpun, For What?

Himpunan Sejuta Umat , The rally will be held tomorrow. What is the rally all about actually? Like BERSIH or definitely opposite? Think! Organized by Non-government Organizations (NGO's) , in order to save the Muslim faith (iman) and to tell the fellow Christians that we hate them for 'bring chaos' in Malaysia. May be, those in the rally are about to bring chaos, well, in a very crowded rally with different background of perception and emotion. There is probabilities for fanatic minded people who going to make something stupid or nonsense, I don't want to mention what, but could be something burning, breaking or smashing. I just hope, that the organizer tend to tend the rally.

In Islam, we are open to give advice, settle problem with discussion just like the Prophet s.a.w taught. The delegation of Brothers of Christians had come to Prophet s.a.w to get explanation about Islam and the same goes to Muslims Brothers when a group of being order to get shelter under the justice king, King Nagash (Raja Najashir). The king heard and understood the message of Islam. The harmonic relation between Muslim and Christian already practiced by those who practicing faith more than thousand years ago. Moreover, Holy Qur'an as the Muslim Book of Guidance which is also known as El Bayan, The Book of Explanation.

In Australia previously, A priest had come to decision to burn Holy Qur'an. The unique thing is, the Muslim and Muslim NGO's around him not going to express their emotion by conducting rally, demonstration and bring the banners of disputation. On the other hand, the Muslim NGO's meet the the priest to discuss and give a present to the priest, the most beautiful and very high price of Holy Qur'an. After all, the priest refused to burn Holy Qur'an. Then they live happily ever after. Wassalaam =)

Adhwa Yahaya

More explanation about HIMPUN

Oct 14, 2011

Check Now!


The aurora of the election day just cover the Malaysia atmosphere since too many issues being played by both government and opposition. However the new voters seem to be the great contribution to this great 'event' to turn Malaysia altogether boost Malaysia to New Malaysia. We have heard too much manifestos from both sides, but what we really want is the gist and the most applicable thing that can be install in this suffered and corrupted Malaysia. Enough is enough. BN please Be End. We're totally tired with your fake words and disgusting to see you in TVs. What a Shame!

As we go through day by days, we breath heavily as under the pressure of the prices up. Petrol, diesel, gas, oil, sugar, vegetables, chickens, rice and more are gradually increase, even we have the organization that control the prices. No matter who you are, students, officers, business man, or else, we can feel it. Here is the time. The time has come, we shall not tarry.

Well, actually, our contribution to this lovely country can be in many ways. We must think and act fast before its too late and we suffer again and again until death take us away. So, I would like to ask all reader and fellow Malaysian to check your status ( 18 years old and above ) in Election Commission of Malaysia, Electoral Roll Checking. Just a single click and few seconds to check it.


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