Oct 14, 2011

Check Now!


The aurora of the election day just cover the Malaysia atmosphere since too many issues being played by both government and opposition. However the new voters seem to be the great contribution to this great 'event' to turn Malaysia altogether boost Malaysia to New Malaysia. We have heard too much manifestos from both sides, but what we really want is the gist and the most applicable thing that can be install in this suffered and corrupted Malaysia. Enough is enough. BN please Be End. We're totally tired with your fake words and disgusting to see you in TVs. What a Shame!

As we go through day by days, we breath heavily as under the pressure of the prices up. Petrol, diesel, gas, oil, sugar, vegetables, chickens, rice and more are gradually increase, even we have the organization that control the prices. No matter who you are, students, officers, business man, or else, we can feel it. Here is the time. The time has come, we shall not tarry.

Well, actually, our contribution to this lovely country can be in many ways. We must think and act fast before its too late and we suffer again and again until death take us away. So, I would like to ask all reader and fellow Malaysian to check your status ( 18 years old and above ) in Election Commission of Malaysia, Electoral Roll Checking. Just a single click and few seconds to check it.



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