Sep 10, 2011

My Super Wiggy

Finally, I bought a brand new P1 W1MAX fourth generation, 4G, Super Wiggy. The performance is the best among the best. Compare to other product, P1 W1MAX 4G is cheapest package, RM59 for 3 GB per month, about 10-20 Ringgit Malaysia cheaper to other products. I just pick up this package due to my usage in college. I can update blog, uploading assignments, downloads and play online game. 

Before this, I had try in my hometown P1 W1MAX 3G but unable to go online. So I decided to stop subscribe and claim RM100 (register charge) it since I still in one week trial user. Well this time, I take high risk to subscribe it again. Hopefully, it runs well. 

One more thing, I had tested this Super Wiggy in raining, still the traffic, the rate and the speed of the packets that send and receive is height performance. Just Perfect! lol. 

P/s: I don't mean to seduce or to suggest, just for sharing some core of the solid information gather from my point of view.


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