Apr 25, 2012

Live Mecca & Medina!

I just found Live Video Streaming From Mecca and Medina, so I decided to embed the code in my blog. So far, it's working just fine. Here is the link to the original site : Saudi Life

P/s: Right here, I linked my Android App Neo Harramain [Idea is taken from this post]. Please download for free

Live streaming from both Makkah and Madinah start automatically, hence audios from both videos will be heard. Please pause the one you are not listening to.

 Live from Makkah

Live from Madinah

Apr 10, 2012

Neo Mathurat!

Alhamdulillah, All Praise Be To Allah...

Today Allah had help me perfected Neo Mathurat. Neo Mathurat is an easy and comprehensive muslim  mobile apps. Neo Mathurat had been developed to help muslim to refer to mathurat instead of a mathurat in form of booklet. This project was plan since about two to three months before. I take about a week to complete this app. There are a few of apps about mathurat which just pop up in android market, one of the mathurat apps is Android-m-Mathurat by Kerul. I shall not call them (other apps developers) as competitors but the Brethren of Faith or Fellowship of Faith that gather together to provide services and good deed to ummah.

I hope, this free apps provide a good condition to all users and I am willing to acknowledge any comment or complain. If there is comment or complain, please post beneath the post. So, I would be able to do some modification or upgrade in the future. MasyaAllah Tabarokallah... =)

Features in Neo Mathurat:

System Requirement:
Android Version: 2.1 and Above

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