Apr 19, 2010

Kelkatu 07 + Selawat Syifa'


Sedikit Ulasan:
Dalam buku Doa & Rawatan Penyakit yang di karang bersama oleh Y.Bhg Dato’ Dr. Haron Din & YB. Dr. Amran Kasimin menterjemahkan makna Selawat Syifa’ seperti berikut;
“Ya Allah, berilah rahmat ke atas penghulu kami, Muhammad s.a.w. yang menyembuhkan hati-hati, penawarnya dan kesejahteraan badan, kesembuhan juga cahaya penglihatan dan berilah rahmat keberkatan dan kesejahteraan atas keluarga dan sahabatnya”
Dalam terjemahan makna ini ada sedikit timbul kekeliruan kerana menyebut “Muhammad s.a.w. yang menyembuhkan hati-hati”. Persoalannya siapa yang memberi kesembuhan. Dalam terjemahan ini jika dibaca secara langsung memang ada sedikit kekeliruan kerana seolah-olah nabi Muhammad yang menyembuhkan hati-hati.
Dalam persoalan Selawat Syifa ini Tuan Guru Dato’ Dr. Haron Din menjelaskan seperti berikut; di dalam kamus Bahasa Arab yang masyhur iaitu Kamus al-Munjid, perkataan “Tib” adalah bermaksud “’ilaj” iaitu di dalam bahasa Melayu bermakna “Ubat”  atau “Penawar”. Ia bukan bermaksud “Syafi’ iaitu menyembuhkan.
Dengan itu kalau diterjemahkan ِiaitu “Ya Allah, berilah rahmat ke atas penghulu kami nabi Muhammad s.a.w. yang menjadi penawar kepada hati-hati”
‘Iktikad kita perlu diperbetulkan supaya tidak syirik kepada Allah SWT. Allah SWT. sahaja yang boleh memberi kesembuhan. Kesembuhan hanya milik Allah SWT.
Semoga Allah SWT. sentiasa menjauhkan kita daripada syirik kepada-Nya.
Wallahhu ‘alam
REF: Webmaster Darussyifa’ ( http://www.darussyifa.org/PenjelasanSelawatSyifa.php )

Apr 13, 2010

Cycling For Better Inspiration


Apr 12, 2010

Neo Khilafah Classic Design


Salaaam Alaykum,
Thanks to Brother Hami cause provide an idea in editing photos, he recently use PhotoScape to enhance a pictures or photos. Then I combine the design in 'collaboration' of two advance photo editing software, Photoshop CS4 and as stated, PhotoScape

Apr 7, 2010

Neo Khilafah Original Design


Salaam Alaykum, here again in neokhilafah blogspot. This time should be better than last time...
I mean, I'm gonna to change the way I manage the blog which according to my sense and desire in design rather than pulling my sacred idea to sketch a simple writing. However, it is still a chance to me to sketch but... in term of art, design, pattern on the basis of Islamic content.

In this trial of triumph, I would like to introduce my design which I name it as Makrifatullah ( fe lughatul Arabia ), which mean... knowing Allah

Knowing something properly will allow us to respond it properly. It is important to know Allah properly in order for us to be able to make proper response upon Him. Allah is the name of God to Whom the Moslem worship to. Allah has many names called al-Asma' al-Husna (the good names). Every of His name represents His noble characters, for example Allah introduce Himself as al-Rahiem which means the merciful. Allah posseses three predicates namely rabb (creator, protector), malik (leader,king,the law-maker), and ilah (god). Moslems are required to believe in Allah as the only creator, king and god of the universe. This concept is called tauhid (the Oneness). The principle of faith (tauhid) is absolute in nature. Meaning to say any compromy is not allowed. There are two kinds of trangression against the principle of Islamic faith namely:
1. To reject to believe in Allah (called kufr), and
2. To acknoledge another figure beside Allah (syirk)

Kufr and Syirk are considered as the most serious sin. There is no hope for Kafirun (people who practice 'kufr') and Musyrikun (people who practice 'syirk')in here after.

How to know him?
There are several ways to know him as guided by the primary, secondary, tertiary ... source. We may feel Him by the favour He provide, by the world around, by the sky upon, by the sea and soil beneath, by the stream that flow, by the creation of the all living and non-living thing... All worship Him.

How ever, we as a human his perfect and beautiful creation always tend to forget him... what ashamed! We are all created to be a khalifah ( on be half of Him in this world ) and take good care of environment and worship Him, bow to him, prostrate to Him as comanded...

His love make us still breath, still able to continue living in this world which claim as the medium to test us whether we be able to live in the Heaven or Garden in eternity of the Hereafter... How about if we fail? We shall be throw in to burning fire, Hell ( Na'uzubillah )

Selected Interest Of The Quran

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,
“Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?”
[Ar-Rahman [The All-Merciful] 55:13]
The opening word of this Surah, which was revealed in Makkah, is Ar-Rahman (The All-Merciful). One of the reasons why this Surah opens with this Name and Attribute of Allah SWT is that the disbelievers of Makkah were unaware of this word. They used to say, “What is Ar-Rahman?” And this name has been given here to let them know.
There are a hundred parts to Rahma (Mercy). Allah The Most High has distributed one part to mankind to be shared between all of creation, and Allah has kept the other ninety nine parts of Mercy for Himself Alone. That is why none besides Allah SWT can ever be called Ar-Rahman, and it is Haram (forbidden) for anyone to do so.
This Surah mainly describes the bounties and favors of Allah SWT to mankind and Jinn. This includes bounties and favors of this world (physical) as well as of the Hereafter (spiritual). The verse “Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?” is repeated deliberately in this Surah for emphasis. That is why this verse is repeated 31 times in this Surah, and it is only used after each time Allah SWT reminds His creation about a new favor or blessing bestowed upon us.
The greatest of all bounties bestowed on creation is the knowledge of the Holy Qur’an because it is an all-comprehensive Book guiding man in worldly and spiritual matters. Rasulullah SAW said, “I recited this Surah to the Jinns, on the night of Jinn, and their receptive response was better than yours! Whenever I recited Allah’s statement ‘O mankind and Jinn, which of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?’ They said, “None of your bounties do we deny, our Lord. All praise is due to You.’”

Apr 4, 2010

Gud Luck 4 Final!


IOP *antecedant -->carik maksud nie 1) training - chap 7 --> training cycles {describe n discuss} 2)job satisfaction - job stress - chap 11 --> interview part --> theories & apply -> antecedent - read perspective {master this topic} 3)work conflict - chap 9 4)leadership - transformational leadership - chap 13 5)motivation --> theories ICG 1)measure FPS in real-time 2)rendering pipeline 3)grphics pipeline 4)optimization 5)culling 6)LOD WEB 1) fundamental php array variable if else 2) post and get method, POST=form capture&php source, checkbox checked, wat's the output? GET=creating the url (?,&,+) give u form write php post method 3) database MySQL, mysql_connect, _select_db, _query, _fetch_array, _close insert into (table attri is given), update, display data 4) session, example isset($_SESSION['']) got the class n object, like the tutorial 5) regexp, given ereg('',''), wat's the output? create regexp based on the question, phone number 019-1234567, matrix num.. ereg n text given, produce wat's the match OS objective 1)race condition 2)semaphore 3)Critical section(CS) 4)Algo. CS 5)CS (Produser-consumer) 6)Memory Mngment(MM) 7)MM 8)MM 9)Virtual Memory 10)Paging 11)Deadlock(D) 12)D 13)D 14)Procedure * xingat ape 15)D 16)File(F) 17)F 18)F 19)F 20)Disk/ storage subjective #1)Process synch/race condition/CS/semaphore #2)D #3)MM 4)F 5)Disk Scheduling *yang # tu.. fokus.. byk markah kat situ.... Pastu kita exam 5,6,7, ngan 9 april...sambung 17 dan 18..
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