Apr 4, 2010

Gud Luck 4 Final!


IOP *antecedant -->carik maksud nie 1) training - chap 7 --> training cycles {describe n discuss} 2)job satisfaction - job stress - chap 11 --> interview part --> theories & apply -> antecedent - read perspective {master this topic} 3)work conflict - chap 9 4)leadership - transformational leadership - chap 13 5)motivation --> theories ICG 1)measure FPS in real-time 2)rendering pipeline 3)grphics pipeline 4)optimization 5)culling 6)LOD WEB 1) fundamental php array variable if else 2) post and get method, POST=form capture&php source, checkbox checked, wat's the output? GET=creating the url (?,&,+) give u form write php post method 3) database MySQL, mysql_connect, _select_db, _query, _fetch_array, _close insert into (table attri is given), update, display data 4) session, example isset($_SESSION['']) got the class n object, like the tutorial 5) regexp, given ereg('',''), wat's the output? create regexp based on the question, phone number 019-1234567, matrix num.. ereg n text given, produce wat's the match OS objective 1)race condition 2)semaphore 3)Critical section(CS) 4)Algo. CS 5)CS (Produser-consumer) 6)Memory Mngment(MM) 7)MM 8)MM 9)Virtual Memory 10)Paging 11)Deadlock(D) 12)D 13)D 14)Procedure * xingat ape 15)D 16)File(F) 17)F 18)F 19)F 20)Disk/ storage subjective #1)Process synch/race condition/CS/semaphore #2)D #3)MM 4)F 5)Disk Scheduling *yang # tu.. fokus.. byk markah kat situ.... Pastu kita exam 5,6,7, ngan 9 april...sambung 17 dan 18..
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