Mar 8, 2012

The 6 Demands


The 6 [Six] demands from Al Qur'an we need to perform step by step, time to time consistently. Our beloved prophet [pbuh - peace be upon him] had told us about the demands from the Holy Scripture, the Last Testament, Qur'an.

The six demands are:

1. Reciting
2. Understand
3. Memorizing
4. Implementing
5. Teaching
6. Implementing the Law

Since, the world had contaminated with too many ideologies including capitalism, hedonism, liberalism, orientalism and so on, the muslims tend to focus in reciting... and they feel that they completed the demand. Not at all, we must to complete all the demands. There are some cases that may be portray some where in Malaysia, one of the cases is:

Mr. A: Why do people still arguing the government in implementing Islam as the Deen in Malaysia? We can practicing Islam with no harm. We are 'peace' people...

Mr. B: Yeah sure, we are 'peace' people. We bring no harm and people don't bring harm too. However we need to understand all things that being argue  by most of wise people in parliament. They are trying the best shot make sure all the aspects in our life in right path as well as our Lord order. Moreover, they are deliver the words that being spread by the prophet thousand years ago and they are implementing the six demands from Qur'an. Back to the demand, if we just focus on reciting the Qur'an, I don't think that we are among the 'peace' people but I'm afraid that we are among the 'Potato' people who waste the life by submitting to the disaster and monsters.

Mr. A: O... is it our concern to know about the people around and the people outside the rim?

Mr. B: Yeah, sure. it is our concern, especially the muslim brothers and sisters as reported in our prophet words that the muslim should concern about their brothers and sisters more than him/herself even if we are not doing so, we are not the believer. Thousand years ago, during the time of prophet Muhammad pbuh, the non-believers in Mecca were celebrated the day of the great triumph of their alliance Persians win the battle against the Romanians which the Romanians are among the 'people of the book'. The non-believers in Mecca, the Arabs were happy as their alliance defeat the army who are come from the same root of Muhammad pbuh teaching. The Arabs who lives far away, thousand miles away from the battle concern about it. We can refer the 'Qisash', the real story of the battle in Sura Rome, Qur'an.So,we, the believer? Are we just sitting around enjoy the day with a cup of tea and a piece of bread even our brethren out there screaming, asking for help? ponder upon this...

Mr. A: I think, I am clear enough... Thank you for sharing this precious information, I believe if I still in narrow minded [brain wash by the army of Anti-Christ, the Dajjal El Maseeh], I'm in vein and the Darkness shall took me...

Mr. B: Its my pleasure. I'm happy to share with you, take care


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