Jan 13, 2012

RM200 Coupon Redeem!


At last! RM200 coupon redeemed! Treebeard said: "Don't be Hasty, booraroom..." Last time in MPH Taman Universiti, I spend about RM100 for books and magazines and another RM74 for Islamic and Politic genre. Thanks to our Prime Minister for providing students the coupon even in this peak our, student tend to against the government. It is not about that 'mental picture', student is just another entity that speak for what they observe, research and judge to provide balance and well organize system in our beloved country, Malaysia.

Just a simple quotation which from my view, "Student is a person who seek knowledge by many sources via observation, research, study, analysis and such for own self altogether with people around.  The process never end even the doctrine of The Elder in high council immobilize students mind. I believe and always believe, with the right guidance students be able to construct the hope of Rakyat this time and in the time they rule the country."

Back to the coupon, I had noticed that the coupon just valid until March 2012. So, I planed to go to MPH by this weekend. At first, I thought I wanted to buy a 'bundle' of books but seems that there are already books on my bookshelf, I certainly change my mind to buy about 1-3 books with price exceeding RM200. About the book genre, I think I should choose management and entrepreneurship books or magazine genre as I'm very bad in that field. It is time to improve myself and prove that I can do it!


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