Jul 31, 2011

Android App!


Easiest and simplest way to create Android App ever. you only need to download the following links which contain Android SDK, Java Developement Kit (JDK), Eclipse Helios and  a helpful guide...

I had use all this tools to come out with an app aka .apk. I try to follow directions from the android developer but it fails me. I know it is hard for an expert to immerse  their way of thinking into a noob like me but, there is no reason for me to not share with the fresh young developer. We can make it better right?

So, just download. If  you got problem, I here to help, If I'm too aint find the answer, We working on together... Happy download!

Android Developement Tool Package.part1

Android Developement Tool Package.part2

Android Developement Tool Package.part3

Android Developement Tool Package.part4

Jul 30, 2011

Hello! Advertlets


The Stream of Change, I called. From bad to better. As in my previous post, I'd gave a chance to keep running side business in this blog using Nuffnang platform... But now, I decided to quickly change to Adverlets as I'd created the account.  Bye2! Nuffnang...

Boom! The ads now available in Neo Khilafah ™ to be clicked by all my readers and viewers... I hope, Advertlets will grant me satisfaction services and pay on what I'm working on.

Racism! Corruption!


Even now, The Prime Mordsith (PM) of Malaysia promote 1Malaysia. Truly, he is not capable to handle it as long as he bring along The Burden (Altantuya, Submarine, Corruption, Big Momma, UMporNO). He said he want to change, by what... by meeting The Queen, The Pope?

You know what Najib? You can't resist the real stream of change by Rakyat and the innocent people that annoyed by YOU!, All will holding hand together for the REAL United Malaysia... We will always unite aginst you but you will always fails and falls.

Too many advices, mails by Tuan Guru for you but you respond nothing. Even your own Ulama' Fathul Bari who hold your hand and advicing you softly, respect you in his very humble manner, immerse himself in UMporNo Corrupted Sea (Hoping for Justice and Real Umara' Manner of you)... or may be the Big Momma's hand is twice softer than him.. of course.You make fooled all of them and us. The French lawyer come to explain the truth but you chase them off Malaysia. Do you think Malaysia is belong to you. Don't said that if you fall again... You'll sell Malaysia? Such a dumb... more than the Itik Lembu...

Here I attached 2 videos which had been taken from 2 different site:

1. http://malaysianindian1.blogspot.com/2011/07/french-lawyer-william-bourdon-giving.html

Kick Start by Mahendra from W.H. Shinajii on Vimeo

2. Youtube

O Nuffnang...


I had put all my effort for up my blog traffic last year. Truthfully, I already collect about RM70 and cash out  since the collective profit is over RM50... But, believe me, nothing I get, even in my account payment history, no sign, no... just nothing... [no payment yet]...

Since that, I stop up traffic and remove all the ads in my blog about in Mat 2011... Dunno what its like...However, I give it one more chance, even I'm no longer a Glitterati member. I had started again, from my current account balance, RM8.05.

If someone knows why I can't cash out my earning. Please be free to comment. Any idea, anything, just let me know... even Nuffnang agents... please...

Jul 29, 2011

Happy Blessed Ramadhan!


Happy Blessed Ramadhan! O Ramadhan, After a year, about hours more... I hope I won't miss the barokah that promised. May Allah give us chance to enter the barokah month, Ramadhan this year. Just now, I got a message from my friend (written in malay). I think, I should share it here:

Doa Malaikat Jibril menjelang Ramadhan " Ya Allah, abaikanlah puasa umat Nabi Muhammad s.a.w jika apabila sebelum memasuki bulan Ramadhan, dia tidak melakukan 3 perkara:

1. Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu kepada kedua orang tuanya.
2. Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu antara suami isteri.
3. Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu dengan orang-orang di sekitarnya. "

Maka Rasulullah s.a.w pun mengucapkan "Amin" tiga kali.

So, I ask for forgiveness to all for doing mischief, rude, and else. I'm so sorry...

One more thing, I just want to confess myself and make promise here that I would finish memorizing a whole surah Al-Baqarah as I just memorize about 10 pages since last year.

"O Allah, give us strength to face the challenges, tribulation and obstacles... Give us strength to wake up for Qiamullail,  Bless us ... "

P/s: Be free to listen to Qur'anic recitation  by Sheikh Saad Said El-Ghamidi

Jul 27, 2011

UTM Delivery Game


The making of UTM Delivery was inspired after play around and trying the tutorial of Unity 3D game engine which provide the conducive environment and friendly GUI. In about two  weeks  which everything we start from scratch, the UTM model. We start scripting about two days before the due date. However each of us learned something from modelling to scripting. We divided the tasks fair and square.

This game is about the player owning a restaurant in UTM who provides delivery service to hostel (Kolej) blocks around the university. The player owned a car as a tool to delivery these food orders. The player restaurant will be located in Student Mall, UTM. 

The restaurant will receives food orders and will be updated periodically. Each food need to be delivered to its destination within 15 minutes (mins). However, the food orders will not be placed if the ingredients are not sufficient and game points (GP) will be deducted in this case. Player needs to refill their food ingredient from the markets outside of the university (money is required to make purchases).

A static navigation map is provided as a route guide for the player to send their orders. No automated global positioning system (GPS) is provided.
Player is not limited to obey the road rule in the game. Illegal driving will course the security guard (Non-Player Character - NPC) in the university to take action on fining the player (caught). A cut scene will be shown if the player was spotted by the securities or NPC player. The player can choose to pay the fined opt to run away from it. However, failed to evade the securities will lead to increased fines; while bounty value will be increased on every successful run (bounty will increase the next fines).
Game money (GM) and GP will be rewarded based on the time taken for the player to successfully delivery to the respective blocks. Failed to deliver by the time limits will lead to the deduction of the player’s GM and GP. The player needs to go back to his own restaurant to get his next food orders (in batch). GP can used to unlock new cars.

GM will be used to refill fuel, food ingredient and car repair or upgrades cost.
A wear level is implements on the player car, which will increased if the player meet accident while driving or running away from securities. The car will not move after reaching a certain level of wear level and the car need to be repair in the car garage which cost money to further using it.

P/s : There are some elements that is not avaliable in the games. So just enjoy yourself wandering around UTM.  

Download game :

Masjid UTM 3D


Masjid Sultan Ismail is the Biggest Mosque in Johor, Malaysia. The mosque situated inside University of Technology Malaysia. The mosque is the Islamic Centre and also the the statue of the university itself. We very proud of having the mosque.

Masjid Sultan Ismail 3D was inspired to build in Sketch Up software since my Head of Department had assigned a group task to develop 3D game using Unity 3D. So, when we browse the internet, we only a simple 3D Model of the mosque and cannot be download which is develop by Behnam Alizadeh. The GIS UTM Iranian student.

So, my group sub assigned me to design the mosque again. So... here it is. You can download the file in provided link below.


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