Jul 30, 2011

Racism! Corruption!


Even now, The Prime Mordsith (PM) of Malaysia promote 1Malaysia. Truly, he is not capable to handle it as long as he bring along The Burden (Altantuya, Submarine, Corruption, Big Momma, UMporNO). He said he want to change, by what... by meeting The Queen, The Pope?

You know what Najib? You can't resist the real stream of change by Rakyat and the innocent people that annoyed by YOU!, All will holding hand together for the REAL United Malaysia... We will always unite aginst you but you will always fails and falls.

Too many advices, mails by Tuan Guru for you but you respond nothing. Even your own Ulama' Fathul Bari who hold your hand and advicing you softly, respect you in his very humble manner, immerse himself in UMporNo Corrupted Sea (Hoping for Justice and Real Umara' Manner of you)... or may be the Big Momma's hand is twice softer than him.. of course.You make fooled all of them and us. The French lawyer come to explain the truth but you chase them off Malaysia. Do you think Malaysia is belong to you. Don't said that if you fall again... You'll sell Malaysia? Such a dumb... more than the Itik Lembu...

Here I attached 2 videos which had been taken from 2 different site:

1. http://malaysianindian1.blogspot.com/2011/07/french-lawyer-william-bourdon-giving.html

Kick Start by Mahendra from W.H. Shinajii on Vimeo

2. Youtube



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