Jul 31, 2011

Android App!


Easiest and simplest way to create Android App ever. you only need to download the following links which contain Android SDK, Java Developement Kit (JDK), Eclipse Helios and  a helpful guide...

I had use all this tools to come out with an app aka .apk. I try to follow directions from the android developer but it fails me. I know it is hard for an expert to immerse  their way of thinking into a noob like me but, there is no reason for me to not share with the fresh young developer. We can make it better right?

So, just download. If  you got problem, I here to help, If I'm too aint find the answer, We working on together... Happy download!

Android Developement Tool Package.part1

Android Developement Tool Package.part2

Android Developement Tool Package.part3

Android Developement Tool Package.part4


Sunah Sakura said...

akai pakai ni..tapi lambat betul la nak connect google account dengan android ni..hadoiii..

Adhwa Yahaya said...

mmm... cuba link nie... http://www.google.com/mobile/android/


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