Aug 2, 2011

Supplement in Fasting


Still in UTM, breaking fast in Jamaah at Masjid Sultan Ismail... Pray Tarawikh at the mosque too. Well, break fast, we share the meal in about 4 persons... yes 4 ... I remember of cause. So, still not enough to support my 'tank'... because during sahur, I just eat a piece of bread, kurma and instant noodle... huhu. dunno what its like... A few hours later I feel like I want to blow it all. just feel like...ok.

So tonight, I decided to buy porridge, rice or anything that can support my body the day on. Yes, we are fasting but at the same time we must take care our health because Islam ask us to fast, not to harm or ruin ourself but to remove toxic, to gain inner strong, and as the commandment as well as the previous prophets do. That is the beauty of Islam.

One more thing, supplement. We must make sure that we take enough quantity of drink, better be plain water. Plain water contain minerals and elements that make our body in equivalent stat and fresh. Water also being recorded as the best medicine by Prophet p.b.u.h according to his saying.


Dinar said...

salam. We dun worry of our quite empty tank during fasting maoth, bcoz our Prophet pbuh showed us to take tamar and plain water during break fast. Tamar has full nutrien to support our body for the whole day..Wallahuallam

Adhwa Yahaya said...

Ok... thanks for your support and advice =)


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