Aug 4, 2011

UTM Bloggers Spin!


Just another spinning 3D logo button, UTM Bloggers. Just a trial to be listed in the UTM Bloggers blog list, hahaa. Nope, I make sincerely fore the sake of my love to UTM  and UTM Bloggers. So be it...  

The original file is in swf file. So, the widget can be custom its background in html codes to view it transparent mode. No matter what your blog background color, the widget would not spoil your blog, Insya-Allah.

Copy this CODE: [if you want to put in BOTTOM RIGHT POSITION]

Copy this CODE: [if you want to put in BOTTOM LEFT POSITION]

Announcement : To those who still in UTM, Ustaz Ismail and Ustaz Mahyudin call upon us to help serving the breakfast 6 pm, and join the breakfast together



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