Apr 14, 2015

3 Years and Here Im


Salaam Alaykum,

It was almost 3 years I left my blog with no update, no sign of returning. There are so many things happened. Well, it is not enough for me to explain the the whole things in this piece of space. However, I will try to compress and compact my words.

As early in 2013, I registered for my Master Degree in the same university, UTM in IT Entrepreneurship MARA and UTM programme (Course Work). Late in 2013, I set up a Cyber Cafe in Saleng with my business partner. Things getting little bit challenging when I involved two different area at the same time. Both are my priority and my future.

In the middle of 2014, I graduated my Master Degree and directly continue my Doctorate of Philosophy in September in Computer Science also at the same instituition. Love UTM. Some of my colleage and close family had an inquiry of "why I'm not further my study abroad?". To me simple, I want a ready and well  known procedure in order to register and manage my academic. I'm not going to exlore new thing instead as I might lose more time while I should focus on what I'm doing and handle my business at the same time. I dare to challenge myself but I keep myself not in such a very burden situation. It means, every thing is still under control.

I lived in Saleng, Senai. So, I used to spend more time over here. Hours of surfing and gaming after hours exploring and researching in nerdy lab of UTM. This place just like home to me. So far, I had stayed in Johore for about 7 years. I met a lots of people and learn lots of things. In about 2 more years, I might left Johore and go back to my hometown Kelantan as I'm done with my PhD. Wish me luck and good fortune. InshaAllah.


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