Oct 21, 2011

Himpun, For What?

Himpunan Sejuta Umat , The rally will be held tomorrow. What is the rally all about actually? Like BERSIH or definitely opposite? Think! Organized by Non-government Organizations (NGO's) , in order to save the Muslim faith (iman) and to tell the fellow Christians that we hate them for 'bring chaos' in Malaysia. May be, those in the rally are about to bring chaos, well, in a very crowded rally with different background of perception and emotion. There is probabilities for fanatic minded people who going to make something stupid or nonsense, I don't want to mention what, but could be something burning, breaking or smashing. I just hope, that the organizer tend to tend the rally.

In Islam, we are open to give advice, settle problem with discussion just like the Prophet s.a.w taught. The delegation of Brothers of Christians had come to Prophet s.a.w to get explanation about Islam and the same goes to Muslims Brothers when a group of being order to get shelter under the justice king, King Nagash (Raja Najashir). The king heard and understood the message of Islam. The harmonic relation between Muslim and Christian already practiced by those who practicing faith more than thousand years ago. Moreover, Holy Qur'an as the Muslim Book of Guidance which is also known as El Bayan, The Book of Explanation.

In Australia previously, A priest had come to decision to burn Holy Qur'an. The unique thing is, the Muslim and Muslim NGO's around him not going to express their emotion by conducting rally, demonstration and bring the banners of disputation. On the other hand, the Muslim NGO's meet the the priest to discuss and give a present to the priest, the most beautiful and very high price of Holy Qur'an. After all, the priest refused to burn Holy Qur'an. Then they live happily ever after. Wassalaam =)

Adhwa Yahaya

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