Oct 26, 2011

Gua Ikut Enta


Promote: Ijtima' Tarbawi will be held at KUIZM Taman Melewar, 28, 29 & 30th of October 2011. 

What is Ijtima' Tarbawi is all about? Should I attend the event? why must I attend the event? How long it takes from my place to reach the event(destination: Taman Melewar)? How much should I spend for the trip and my tummy? Too many questions...

The PAS Youth had come out with brand new style of explanation in order to promote and encourage the youth to join the event: 
Here is the By Part Movie, 'Gua Ikut Enta (I[Brutal One] Follow You[Pious One])' , proudly present...
Teaser 'Gua Ikut Enta The Movie'
'Gua Ikut Enta' - Part 1 
'Gua Ikut Enta' - Part 2 
'Gua Ikut Enta' - Part 3

Adhwa Yahaya

Source: Ijtima' Tarbawi Pemuda PAS Peringkat Kebangsaan 2011
             Youtube TVPAS



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