Nov 11, 2011



11.11.11 Post Challange: You can't bend and stop what is coming up!

Probability incidents and mysteries that will occur:

1. Malaysia Parliament Disband
2. Earthquake
3. Moon and Star Prostrate and Fall Down
4. Queer, Bizarre and Weird Creature Wake Up From The Great Sleep in Underworld
5. The Arrival of False Messiah, Addajal El-Masih
6. Armageddon War 
7. Blue Moon (Last Night Full Yellowish Moon View From Malaysia)
8. Wedding Ceremonies (Sure)
9. Immortal (Film)
10. The End of Human Rule, The Arrival of The Time of Orcs
11. The One Ring Wield

I can't spare more words to explain because it is uncertain incidents and events =(

Pray: "O my dear God, Allah, please guide us to right path. Please don't let us go astray. Bestow upon us the light when we are in great dark. Keep us away from the False Messiah. Nay god except You O Allah, I prostrate upon You for all favors you bestow upon us..."

P/s: It's all about prediction, guest and scheduled events ... Pray more rather than just utter the nonsense words


Ahmad Haziq Azlan said...

today is friday

Adhwa Yahaya said...

Definitely. The mysteries might link to Friday...


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