Feb 10, 2010

Counting DD


Counting the date due, the day that all people feel so gay, joy and cherish a great hope.

I myself can speak in a manner of mine which i'm  included as a people who keep speaking in silence or behind the scene.
People around me does not expect  what i'm doing, about sinful thing ( may Allah keep us away from it ), charity or beneficial thing.
People can only see the surface and only the people who definitely immerse in my world or passionate in love might discover something ( just something that might be in size of a particle or only can be feel as ether ).

To me, I feel proud if people cannot see my progress in doing good thing as an idiom in Malay,
" Memberi dengan tangan kanan, tangan kiri tidak tahu ", which mean that you do thing without people
sense what are you doing. Actually, I can promote myself to be very popular or 'mencapub' (Mencari Publisiti) by
introducing trade mark like 1Malaysia, give comment in all stage, keep speaking or give a speech about thing around,
declare statement about issues or contemporary issues. But after all, I think again, is it worth to an organisation that
declare Islam as the way of life with the methodology of sunnah. Is it worth?

If people take this opportunity for right( Sirat Al-Mustaqim ) is worth but remember if else, kind of for self advantages or importance, surely it is the way
where could be the sign of the corrupted organization. After all no more left, along with the organization. No more.  

Sense of belong to an organization must be initialize and develope not only by speak and promote, surely there are many way. Like communication,
some people think or describe communication only involve among people, but actually it can be extend to a wide view. It can be a people to animal, object or vice versa.
Please, there is nothing about emotional expression but the medium to evaluate our technique of provide high and dimentional thinking.

No need to elaborate more, because "The pen has been lifted and the pages have dried - Ibnu Abbas"



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