Feb 19, 2010

Non-beneficial activities to beneficial activities*


The idea of applying convert method is about to gain capability rather than just jump to another stage or replace thing so suddent. It is logic? Replace or substitute thing takes time too gather or get into it. I had discover this idea according to my observation, experience and most important thing, I learned Industrial and Organizational Psychology. This subject bring me in a very wide medium to discuss about people behavior, way to keep a productive organization, providing some tips in help employees in organization according to history and much more.

So, in this time, my focus is about to highlight the way to convert non-beneficial activities to beneficial activities* . Lets get an example, playing computer game. Playing computer games can be many categories as it can be strategy, action, first person, second person and so on... Playing computer game could be alone or in a group of people. Here is the advantage where you can get immerse in social activities for multiplayer mode but with the condition, we play in control. So it might take time about an hour or less than 2 hours. Please limit it ourselves. 

Look crazy right?!

Cool... beb! It just getting started. This is about long-term target to achieve, but quite practical than just replace to another program. So, after playing or during playing, the athan might be on air as it come to prayer time. This is the time we must react by ask or invite our fellow gamers to perform prayer. Yet it still does not make sense if we ourselves addicted to the game.

There could be more excitement if you could confess them to believe and behold to the right path by elaborate and link the activities according to the syari'a. However, it would be better if we just substitute the activity after we realize or feel strong to do some improvement in our own life.

"There is right for enjoy because enjoy could make us excited, but behave only if we choose wrong 'channel', it might get worth"

* This technique might be too risk as we might be addicted or totally immerse with the untempered market members


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