Jan 31, 2010

ULEAD Video Studio 11 Basic Tutorial


Elements that integrated in the tutorial:

1. Figure out some tool panel and icons
2. Different view of timeline according to purpose
3. Dragging items or icon thumnail to the timeline / stage
4. Editing and enhancing picture/flash
5. Load the file from folder
6. Selecting item before editing
7. Share/render the element to yield a perfect product

This tutorial is originated by Grand Montage . co ( My company ) to
generate idea and sharing information about this friendly user software.
At this moment, I just upload this simple and basic tutorial for the first
time user to get use with the environment of the program.

Hopefully, this tutorial can be a mechanism to all learners to extract
advance skill and capability in creating and developing the
extra ordinary video clips or montages.

(Note: The tutorial was not integrated with sound record to minimize the size of the clip)



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