Jan 26, 2010

Highlight: Campus Election


Posters hanging all the way like a party...

It just started as both party ( Pro-Mahasiswa and Evolusi Mahasiswa ) had promote their MPM ( Majlis perwakilan Mahasiswa ) candidates.

By the way, I just want to pass a question to all readers about;

"Which party would you choose to be the 'government'?"

of course you people would said, "it's secret!"

okay2... fine.

Just let your heart answer it on behalf of yourself and you'll express it during election day on the paper provided.
It's our responsibility to choose a person from any party to realize and fight for our right. If we choose someone that is not match with the duty or responsibility, it just nothing if you blame them one day because "The rice had already turn to porridge". the same case happen if we decided to exclude ourselves from choosing the candidate during election day.

All we need to do are, behave like a mature person which think positive in judging the candidate and do some analysis due to the manifesto and characteristic of the candidate. Other than that, we must keep ourselves open minded and behave as a person with professional manner.

Then someone would yell "For what?! Hah!?"

The reason
s are, to avoid us from become a fantastic person or easy being persuaded by someone ( worm tongue ) or even being seduced by somebody ( Corrupted people ) to support or choose the candidates or party.

People of Fanatic...

For muslim, Allah had describe our actual characteristic as ummatan wasatan which means, the middle community. According to this verse:

"To God belong both the East and the West. He guides whom He will to a straight path. Thus we have made you an ummatan wasatan (middle community) so that you may be shuhada (witnesses) over mankind, and the Apostle may be a shahid (witness) over you." (2:142-143).

Serious,we must totally remove fanaticism away because through it, we might be commit in aggressive movement, cause break in relationship and might be lost from faith.
We do 'fighting' in politician arena for ideas and right, but in real or norm world, it's nothing to do with the issues or ideas that we 'fight'. I just hope for all student to vote and choose the right figure or candidate on election day.

For that, I would like to suggest all of us to review our lovers, UTM, the mission ( to be the first class university ) and vision ( developing creative and innovative mind ) and also approach ( global outreach etc. ).So, base on that and other criteria as stated, we might be able to vote professionally.

For the members of the party and fellow mujahiddeen, be calm and be prepare where ever you are. We don't know what coming next and what 'provocation' are we going to face after this.



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