Jan 18, 2010

We are the Generation of Righteous

"Ayyuhasy Syabab! Ma tantazhir?! Hayya bil jihad!" Meaning: "O you young people, what are you waiting for?! Let’s answer the jihad!" Deep in my heart, I keep repeating this ‘spell’, I do ‘cast’ to keep myself always remember the purpose why I was sent to this world? Who am I? Which path should I take...? All this question remind me to what I swear 5 times(compulsory) Inna solati, wanusuki, wamahyaya, wamamati lillahi rabbil ‘alamin... Meaning: “For sure my prayer, my submission, my life and my death because of Lord of Universe...” Sometimes, I blame myself because of not acting what I’m already swore. I should not fear to any provocation because it could not harm me even a single scratch. I do believe in destiny and believe that everything done upon me is nothing to do with any form of life, which mean like Ibnu Abbas reported : Allah's Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) said in his advice to Ibn Abbas (radhi allahu anhu), “I'hfath (remember or observe the commands of) Allah and He will Ya'hfath (direct His care and aid at) you. I'hfath Allah and you will find Him with you (by His Aid, Knowledge and Protection). When you invoke, invoke Allah alone, and when you ask for help, ask Allah alone. Know that if the nation (meaning mankind and Jinn) came together to bring you benefit, they can never bring you any benefit except that which Allah has written for you. And if they came together to harm you, they will never be able to harm you, except what Allah has written for you. The pens have already been raised (i.e., stopped writing/lifted) and the pages have dried.” [Musnad Ahmad and at-Tirmidhee] All the tribulation that challenge us whether we realize or not, must be taken as an advantage by manipulate it or make it as a mechanism to ‘revive our spirit’ and to create paradigm move toward the triumph. If we open our mind widely, there still many simple matter that we talk about or sometimes seriously discuss, even there are ‘big dinosaur’ that we need to counter. Does not mean that we don’t care about an ‘ant’, but the thing that we should focus must be according to the priority and consideration. This matter already discuss by Dr. Yusof Al-Qadhrawy. Everything is there, only depend on us to take it for granted or take it as benefits. All what I mention above cannot just imagine but must be done step by step because it is too technical, need to be patience and need real strength physical and mental. Remember that our passionate and love to the Creator, which will lead us to rise as the best ummah (generation/group of people).



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