Feb 9, 2011

Lappy Just RECOVER

السلام عليكم

About 3 days ago, my Lappy Presario V3828au RECOVER from sudden DEATH! Thanks Allah for bring back my Lappy. Before that, let’s go through the history… long time ago in the galaxy far far away…I bought it since July 2009, almost 3 years till now it stick together with me, help me in earning. The cost I invest to buy it RM2000 including upgrade RAM, and upgrade the RAM again to 4GB RAM plus RM 260 . However, it’s return me about RM 1600 in provide services in developing websites, blog, montages and corporate videos.

Back to sudden death! Actually, the symptom of the death I’ve being expected when it get ‘bad mood’… it freakin’ me out when I can’t turn it on… I do eject and install again the RAM and hard disk. Soon, the freakin’ thing just loop in it cycle again and again. I put all effort to give CPR and everything to make sure it is ok. When I ask the technicians, all of them comments that my lappy mother board just burn out. All I do just fail me. I’ve suffer and paralyze myself.

Every time I wanna sleep and wake up, I would touch the switch on button on my lappy hoping that it will wake up again as I am. After 3 days, it give me a shot! Hahaa… the power signal just blinking… lip lap lip lap! I plug in the charger and Pop! The screen turn on.. yeaaaa! No words can describe my emotion that time… So now, I be able to blogging, chating, surfing again… Thank You Allah for resurrect my lappy!

Jazakumullahukhair :)


*Azdah* said...

bersyukurnya laptop masih bernyawa, ana punye dah xbole nak buat pape lagi dah..mati terus

Mohd_Alwi said...

alhamdulillah..say no to MERLIN . . . a spell had been casted to your lappy. say no to SIHIR.

Adhwa said...

huhu... ari ni buat hal lagi! sedey... arap idup balik .. .

Mn Shah™ said...

Merlin help us! Ahaha.. Just remove the battery, plug the power n switch on. Next, install the battery, plug the power n switch on. Hope it helps.


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