Feb 21, 2011

Utusan Had Manipulate TG


According to Harakah Daily as I attach beneath this post, The Be End Most Slander Media Utusan had manipulate the statement in TG Nik Aziz speech which refer to the report entitled “Nik Aziz Ubah Nada: Bimbang Penurunan Sokongan Masyarakat Melayu terhadap PAS" . The statement that conclude that TG had change his view that the Malays should be the priority.

Actually, the real statement from TG is “To PAS, the Malays should be given priority in the fight because it is the former, " as TG coat from Surah al-Syuara’, ayat 214 "Word of God says: And warn of the closest relatives”. This ayat order The Holy Prophet p.b.u.h to deliver the message to the closest members and relatives as the priority.

Since the day of the land is still melting, the people of hypocrite tend to slander and lie to protect themselves. They don’t know that the truth is the real protection is the protection provided by The Creator, Allah, God of Universe. They might call all their gods and helpers but their effort on that just dummy and failure.

O dear brothers and sisters behold to the Words of God , Be confident in His promise and we shall grab the triumph. Let’s spread the love that taught by Rasulillah p.b.u.h toward the good deed and good things and hate the kufr as you hate being throw to Hell. Everything that we do because of Allah will guarantee the calm, peace and dignity . Insha Allah…



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