Dec 12, 2011

The Nine Over Ten

The Nine Over Ten, hurm. very interesting right. If you pass an examination with flying color,  it could be in the range of nine over ten right? However, this entry was non of exam thing, I had no interest to talk about it. The nine over ten that I intended to share right here is the 9/10 of our wealth and provision comes from running FAIR BUSINESS as being taught by our Holy Prophet Muhammad pbuh 1400 years ago. The point is, it is not just only business, I had emphasized the word FAIR then only the business we run wouldn't be such a treachery, misleading, and ruin to others in any manner. Allah had forbidden all man kind from doing mischief, corruption and gambling as these habit doesn't proven to give benefit actually and even worst. Everything that being describe in Holy Qur'an and As-sunnah and altogether some prophecy that being foretold is to help all the creation to be granted His love and submit themselves to Almighty Lord where we came from and to Him we submit.

So far, for kick start, we might want something that worth us in running a business, something like gain more profit. Before that, we must know that doing fair business face lots of risk as it suit with the profit we target. We might be tested with some failure or loss. A very strong heart should not be affected by loss and failure as one will kept trying until succeed. So, the skill in management and emotional control play some rule here. We might learn from our own mistake but The Wise, learn from others mistake. Books, magazines, web pages or any form of information shall be our 'friend' to keep in save track in doing this fair business. One more important thing is our submission to after doing effort, insyaAllah, we will succeed. 

That is the theory and some tips reveal but to make it real, plan and implement it. Good Luck! Good Life!

"The Pen Has Been Lifted and The Pages Have Dried" - Reported by Ibnu Abbas

Adhwa Yahaya



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