Jan 4, 2011

Practical Zone

السلام عليكم

My first day in 'Practical Zone' a.k.a LI (Latihan Industri) is on 2th Jan 2011. It should be on Sunday, 1st Jan 2010. However the government had announced 1st Jan as holiday to several country including Kelantan because of the Winning of Harimau Malaya in Football League AFF Suzuki Trophy. Congrate Malaysia!

Back to the topic discussion, hmmm... Actually, I'm not quite shock because last semester, I had joined
'Skim Pelajar Bekerja' at UTM. Right now, the different is the company is not government organization, so, I need to be more alert. Why haa?.. the competition of course. Oops... I'm forget to mention the name of the company... my bad.

The company name is Naidi Solution Sales and Services. However, the company more focus on services in setup the network, developing websites, repairing devices and so on. The company is situated just a few KM from my home, Wakaf Che Yeh (sounds familiar?) mmm about 15 minutes riding a horse from my 'nest'... hahaa... I mean 15 minutes via car.

Right here ...


Mohammad_Alwi said...


farra aidah said...

gud luck!

Adhwa said...

Tq Alwi aka Adik & Farra Aidah... All da best to all.

cik ungu said...

saya pun tgh praktikal gak! Yeaayy! Gudluck eyk!~

Adhwa said...

wow... ad gak geng blogger yg LI sama =)

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